Supporting our local communities

We have a straightforward approach to community, focusing our efforts locally so we can see the difference we make both today and in the future.

With happy colleagues, satisfied customers, and a profitable business we are able to take the 4Cs full circle by taking an active part in serving our communities.

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Our Community programme

We support our communities in a variey of ways:

Community Grants and Sponsorship
Our Community Grants scheme enables colleagues, community groups, schools, and charities to apply for one off assistance, which can be practical, professional, or financial. Grant applications are welcome from anyone in the local community, including colleagues who are able to submit applications on behalf of the intended recipients. We are proud to also offer financial support for local community events that align with our business values.

Our paid community day programme, allows colleagues to volunteer their working hours to support a community charity or good cause.

Hastings colleagues can raise funds for charities of their choosing and we

Supporting the next generation

We are passionate about supporting young people and education networks, using our skills and resources to make a difference for the generation of tomorrow. We take pride in working with local schools as well as national educational organisations supporting the delivery of programmes, training, and workshops which are additional to the national curriculum.

Futuready is an innovative and unique programme designed to help students, make better choices to improve their life-chances. Sponsored and supported by Hastings Direct in partnership with Graham Moore from Metamoorephosis, this new approach helps motivate and inspire young people to become the very best version they can be.

The programme is delivered across three diverse days, each student is guided through the course by a dedicated Hastings colleague who will have received training to work with young people to become business mentor. The business mentors are able to share their own personal journeys, successes and failures with the students and groups and bring the real world of employment directly into the lives of the young people.

Pink Ribbon Foundation

We continue to donate £10 to the Pink Ribbon Foundation, a women’s breast cancer charity, for every new business policy sold under our InsurePink brand.